Veronique Beauprez
I am a life traveler and out-of-the-box independent creator with a lot of mind insights. All earnings are donations “Lost children of the world”

The good and the bad once again in a war

At this moment crypto currencies are not performing well.

News influences on a daily basis the behaviour of speculants and investors.

Let’s take a look to the news gathering of last week (mids December 2021)

What’s happening in Germany, Thailand and China?

1 Germany

Investors and news media that focus every day…

This article is different than my others and yet I challenge to find similarities

My stray cat life

I always loved to travel as a child and preferably on my own. Wondering and strolling in my neighbourhood and even getting lost so my mother had to search for me in the dark.

Nothing changed since then, I am still on the road with my campervan and preferably alone.

A philosophers approach

In the whole coronavirus story since March 2020, there are 2 mainly decision groups of people 👫

We have the government and on the other side the scientists.

I reckon myself to have a philosopher’s mind. …

Life can be hard, isn’t it?

Once you know the secret of your life things come into another perspective.

What I’ve learned from the birds, the sea and nature in general?

All creatures are dependent of daily waves, the good and the bad as we try to call them.

Our language makes our lifes easier but…

It all comes to one thing, simple but difficult for everyone.

Let’s brainstorm together here for a few minutes…

Get a degree, a career, a fun life, and above all be happy.

Ahum, sorry, is this the real world?

Our lives are at stake here!

We all know it, the pain of loss, despair and frustration at our jobs, relationships and…

Yes, also leisure time with Netflix


Working from home in a house with several people, children or animals can be tough. And a video call in the same circumstances is quite a challenge! Try to silence everything and everyone around you the moment your meeting starts…

If you install Krisp, not only the background noise from…

The evolution of commercial writing.

Psychology input in your communication

In contrast to previous years, the focus is no longer on reaching the largest possible audience, but on your active audience. This group is much more valuable than superficial readers who don’t take action. By focusing more on reader retention, the high investment in new readers is less important. Moreover…

Time to ease your mind and look how Instagram makes the magic.

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

Instagram — logically, but unfortunately — does not go into the details, but does share 6 factors that influence your place in the feed. With all these factors, the following tips, so you can increase your reach on Instagram with less frustrations.

1. What did you find interesting before?
2. What…

Veronique Beauprez

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