A philosophers approach

In the whole coronavirus story since March 2020, there are 2 mainly decision groups of people 👫

We have the government and on the other side the scientists.

I reckon myself to have a philosopher’s mind. And also when it comes to news items I like to think 🤔 of a philosopher’s approach to the matter.

So I did some historical research about the philosopher’s belief about pain.

Aristotle claimed that pain is a motivator throughout life and is an emotional experience.

Pain drives moral progress, he said.

What if the virus causes pain and drives us to a new world 🌎?

Are we there yet?

First, we have to go through fear.

Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil 👺

Learning is not a child’s play, we cannot learn without pain.

Aristotle -

Something about imbalance

Secondly, we have to go through an imbalance in our lives.

The truth is, coronavirus fear is still present, imbalance accumulates, and above all our freedom diminishes.

After I did my calculations, a new world 🌎 is far in the future.

I believe government and scientists 🧑‍🔬 living in fear and are not ready for a new world, preferably one with higher consciousness and love 💕

What about the role of philosophers?

The need to philosophize is driven by the love for wisdom.

  • Plato -

I wonder when the government and scientists rely on the opinions of philosophers? Perhaps wisdom is not appreciated and law and order prevail in crises such as this.

Thoughts of Aadya2

27th November 2021




'your blind spots consult. Motivation for self leadership -

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Veronique Beauprez

Veronique Beauprez

'your blind spots consult. Motivation for self leadership -

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