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Working from home in a house with several people, children or animals can be tough. And a video call in the same circumstances is quite a challenge! Try to silence everything and everyone around you the moment your meeting starts…

If you install Krisp, not only the background noise from your own workplace is filtered out, but also the background noise from the person you are talking to. Krisp is free for 4 hours a week.
Not a fan of Krisp? There are countless other tools that do the same thing. Here you will find a list of 8 other good options like Nvidia RTX Voice, SoliCall and NoiseGator.

2. Versionista, for tracking changes on websites

If you enter a website in this tool, you will receive an email if there is a change on this page. In your mail you will see the old version and the new version side by side.

3. Adjusting Recommendations and ‘Continue Watching’ in Netflix

If you use Netflix, you know that there is always a nice list presented with recommendations. Series and movies that Netflix thinks fit your viewing habits. Super nice! But sometimes you’ve already seen a movie and it keeps popping up in this list. Or you have started a new series, and after a few episodes have decided that you are not going to watch it. Then the series will stop at ‘watching further’.
If you find this annoying, I have good news. You can remove a movie or series from the ‘continue watching’ row. And that’s very simple. You select the title, and then choose ‘remove from further viewing’ via the menu. The same goes for ‘recommendations’.

Do you want to start the new year with a fresh look? Then you can also delete your entire viewing history. This option is a bit hidden. Of course, Netflix doesn’t think it’s so cool that you delete your viewing behavior, because then they are less able to predict your viewing behavior.
If you log in via the browser, you can click on ‘Account’ via your profile. Then choose ‘Profile and parental controls’ and then click ‘View’ under ‘Viewing activity’. You can make your adjustments there.

4. Search Radical YouTube Channels with RadiTube

With this tool, you can search YouTube for the most radical channels and search for certain fragments in the respective videos. Handy for journalists, researchers and academics, but also for the curious among us.
If you don’t (frequently) watch videos that spread disinformation, conspiracy theories or radical statements, you will automatically not (less often) be presented with these by YouTube’s algorithm. But what if you are curious about these kinds of channels?
RadiTube was developed by the Dutch Erik Van Zummeren. He uses YouTube’s automatic subtitles for this. Through the transcripts of the subtitles, he makes it possible to search at word level for how a certain topic is discussed. If you then click on your keyword via the tool.

In addition, RadiTube also works as an archive, in which videos deleted by YouTube remain available. And Van Zummeren hasn’t finished developing this tool yet, so there’s bound to be some great new features on the way.

5. PDF Candy, for everything you want to change about a PDF

Converting your PDF file to a JPG, modifying something in your PDF or merging or tearing PDF pages together: with PDF Candy you can change just about anything you want to or in a PDF. As soon as you open this site, you will see all options on the screen.
With this tool you can also download all images from a PDF at once. This tool then saves the images for you in a folder, and the quality is also good. This may not be convenient or useful for everyone, but it does offer a solution for my editorial work. If we receive an article as a PDF, it is very difficult to extract the images while maintaining quality.

6. Storychief Chrome Extension for Your SEO Check

“This is a tool with which you can check text in a Google Doc for the most important SEO indicators. Handy if you collaborate on texts or use a CMS where plugins like Yoast are not available.”

7. Get color inspiration with Palette Creator

Are you looking for colors to match an image? Then Palette Creator is a handy tool. You drag an image into it and then a matching color palette appears below the image.
Now you might think: gosh, nice, but what am I supposed to do with this? That’s what I thought at first. But of course you can also upload a photo of your living room to get color inspiration for new curtains, for example!

8. Respond privately in a group app

A nice tip for the WhatsApp users among us. And since there are quite a few, probably for many of you.
Are you in a group conversation and would you like to privately respond to a message to someone? Then you can press and hold the message and then choose ‘Reply privately’ via ‘More…’. That way, the person in your private conversation will receive a message with reference to the message in the group conversation. Useful!

9. Freehand drawing online with AutoDraw

This tip is actually very nice. The question is whether it actually does anything for you. AutoDraw helps you to draw online. Are you drawing something that resembles a table? Then this program will actually turn it into a ‘nice’ table.



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