Your life is full with victory

Life can be hard, isn’t it?

Once you know the secret of your life things come into another perspective.

What I’ve learned from the birds, the sea and nature in general?

All creatures are dependent of daily waves, the good and the bad as we try to call them.

Our language makes our lifes easier but on the otherhand, too much complex.

As I learned along the way on my travel journey I look at life as if there are only waves, going up and going down.

The thing is, don’t let your ego tell you otherwise, it doesn’t matter if you are frustrated or not, keep flowing with the waves…

Are you ready for victory?

Step 1

To overcome the good and the bad in your life you have to be willing to open yourself for nature and its inhabitants.

You have to eventually look at mountains, rivers, animals and feel the wind through your vanes.

Step 2

Creativity at home, even in your workplace, where you might find pencils and a colourbook laying there. Use it and draw every single day for at least 15 minutes.

Step 3

Experience joy and sadness in a different kind of way.

Imagine you’re on a cloud and looking to earth and see your home passing through, your neighbours and so on…

Don’t judge, while doing that, just breathe and use all of your senses while your cloud is a temporary cushon in the sky.


Promise me one thing, if you feel like fighting with words again, be aware of your ego that only knows language to survive. This is not a victory, while it seems at first it is…

Enjoy your waves today and love life.

(the picture was taken on a mountain in France after a day on the internet and pretty frustrated :-))

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'your blind spots consult. Motivation for self leadership -

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Veronique Beauprez

Veronique Beauprez

'your blind spots consult. Motivation for self leadership -

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